Study in North Cyprus

Final International University is located just outside the famous touristic town of Kyrenia in North Cyprus. As a small yet popular Mediterranean island study destination, FIU is able to offer international students a safe, harmonious, fun and culturally diverse environment perfect for student life!

A safe and secure environment. We have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Easy access.We are just over one hour’s flying time from the major international hub of Istanbul.

A warm welcome.The island is famous for hospitality, and for the warmth of its people.

Sun, sea and sand.With over eight months of sunshine a year, and a range of beautiful beaches, the island offers fabulous leisure opportunities.

A multicultural experience. Cyprus has always been at the crossroads of civilization. Its extraordinary history is reflected in the many historical sites you can visit, and in the open and tolerant lifestyle you will enjoy.

Freedom of belief. North Cyprus is home to people from many parts of the world. Everyone is free to practice their religion, and have the facilities available to do so.

Family Values. As a small island culture, family and community values are very important. This includes a strong emphasis on the rights of women. Female students on the island feel safe, secure and well-looked after.


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