Entrance Requirements

Note: Applicants from Turkey or the TRNC should visit our Turkish pages.

University Entrance

  • Applicants will be required to provide a high / secondary school diploma. Otherwise entry qualifications are broadly similar to those required by government universities in countries of origin. For specific country requirements, please contact the International Office.
  • As a member of the Caucasian University Associatiıon, Final International University also accepts the results of students who successfully pass the Caucasian University Association Entrance Examination for Foreign Students (See: http://www.kunibeyos.com/).

Transfer Students

  • Transfer students will need to submit original transcripts as part of the application process. Exemptions from courses is at the discretion of the department concerned.

English Proficiency and Placement Exam and Exemptions

Students who register to Final International University (FIU) programs where the medium of instruction is English are required to take the English Proficiency and Placement Exam (UFÜYYES) at the beginning of the academic semester before they can start their studies. Students who attain the required level can enrol in courses offered in their registered programs. Students who are under the required level for their program are placed into English Preparatory School for one or two semesters according to their levels as determined by the exam, which are: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced.


Students meeting the minimum FIU requirements as stated in the table below qualify for exemption from the FIU English Proficiency and Placement Exam.

Exemption Criteria


  1. Individual programs may apply higher requirements.
  2. Students who have completed their English preparatory education in another higher education institution must enter the UFÜYYES regardless of their grade and the level they have completed.
  3. Exemption from English Language Proficiency and Placement Exam for students who hold international language certificates which are not mentioned in the table above is determined by written exam and / or oral interview conducted by the School of Foreign Languages.
  4. The exemption from UFÜYYES for those who have studied and completed their secondary education in the last three years in English medium institutions in countries where the official language is English, is evaluated by the School of Foreign Languages through an oral interview and / or a written examination.

For more information regarding the Proficiency Exam, visit : https://www.final.edu.tr/ufu-7-academic/o-3-schools/f-3-school-of-foreign-languages/e-7-english-proficiency-and-placement-exam-and-exemptions